Dominic. NSW. Blanket 67.

Dominic. NSW. Blanket 67.

Dominic received his blanket in 2016. Almost a year on, this is what his mother has to say about it;

 "Jess made my son a beautiful blanket right when we were going through the hardest time with Dominic's diagnosis. Dom was only a couple of months old and now he's 1 he still love his blanket. This beautiful act of selfless kindness went such a long way when Dom was unwell. Its something we will never forget."

Ari. Qld. Blanket 350.

Ari recently received a warrior blanket and this is what his mother had to say:

“Hi there. This is Ari and he loves his warrior blanket. This is when he was sick last week snuggling up to Muma with his warrior blanket. Thank you so much for your special gift. Xxx”

Alliyah. VIC. Blanket 69.

Alliyah's mother had this to say about her Warrior Blanket;
"THANK YOU SO MUCH warrior blankets for making this and sending it to our special girl! She loves how soft it is. And she said "Look mummy. Winnie the pooh is fighting his germs too. That means me and my blanket are both super hero's. Thats what warrior means did you know? We are fighting the yuck." Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Elijah. QLD. Blanket 62.

Elijah received a blanket last year and this was what his mum had to say;

"Just got home from hospital & there was a lovely surprise waiting for my little warrior. Elijah is over the moon with his blanket 😀"

Adele. VIC. Blanket 91.

Adele's mother wrote this when she received her blanket; 

"Thank you so much. Adele received her blanket today and is over the moon with it :-)"

Jordan. NSW. Blanket 110.

Jordan recieved a Warrior Blanket and had this to say; 
"The thing about being chronically ill is that every day we have to face the challenges of it. Pain from illness, constant blood draws, tests every other week if not every week, and appointments on top of appointments. From specialists to GPs. And it's not any fun, it's annoying, and if we could avoid it we would. But having a blanket to come home to or take with you, a blanket that's been not only handmade, but custom made, makes you feel a little bit like a superhero!"

Brittany. VIC. Blanket 71.

The lovely Brittany wrote this about her blanket.​​

"I've thought long and hard about what to write, to testify just how much these incredible handmade blankets mean to someone who is ill. The truth is no words can really express the true meaning of these blankets. However I'll do my best,  For me on my tough days cuddling up with my blanket is necessary, just wrapping it around me and knowing that someone cares, my blanket to me is essentially a hug. It's there when I'm down, in pain, or even when I just need to cry. It's not there to judge, to laugh or to tell me to get over it, instead it's there for me in all moments, both the good and the bad. It might sound silly but when I'm angry at the world and angry at being sick and just feeling sad and overwhelmed, because let's face it, all of us have those moments, I’ll wrap my warrior blanket around me or cuddle up with it and it makes me feel cared for and gives me the strength to go on. It reminds me that I'm a warrior, I'm supported, loved and cared for, and I can do this. I can't thank Jess enough for providing me with a blanket, amongst and despite her own health battles she endeavours to bring light and hugs to those of us who are chronically ill in the form of a handmade blanket, and just to know there's someone who truly cares means the world as does my blanket. Chronic illness unfortunately doesn't go away, and this amazing blanket is here to stay."

Telina. VIC. Blanket 119. 

Telina said this about her blanket;
"Hey! This is me in my beautiful blanket! Before I got this one made by Warrior Blankets I was searching and searching for the perfect infusion blanket, but I couldn't find one anywhere! The Chronic Disease I have makes me spend a lot of time at home on the couch due to the lack of energy and this blanket really helps on those hard days. When I got this blanket (I wasn't expecting it, an anonymous friend put my name up for a blanket) I came home after an 8 hour trip to see one of my specialists And the package was sitting on my door step. I opened it and cried. It's such a beautiful gift to give to someone who's struggling. I love my Warrior Blanket and I always get compliments in hospital because of it. Thank you thank you for making this for me."

Mya. NSW. Blanket 1.

Mya inspired Warrior Blankets, and received the very first blanket. This is what she had to say;​


"I was so extremely honoured and thankful to be the first recipient of the Warrior Blankets program.


My 'Zebra' blanket has brought me so much happiness and hope in very hard times.


Usually hospital beds are extremely bland with white bed sheets. I now have the most colourful bed every time I'm in hospital, with a beautiful piece of comfort from home.


My Warrior Blanket has been there for all my surgeries, procedures and countless needle pricks.


I couldn't be more grateful to Jessica for bringing me such joy and comfort throughout my ongoing medical challenges"

Tilly. Vic. Blanket 363.

Tilly regarding her Warrior Blanket;

“My blanket is an amazing source of comfort for me, especially in these cold winter months. I bring it to my physio and psych waiting rooms so I can stay warm while I wait. Plus, it’s adorable.”

Rachel. QLD. Blanket 359.

The lovely Rachel had this to say about the warrior blanket she recently recieved;

"My warrior blanket has given me comfort in knowing that if I am suddenly rushed to hospital or have an overnight stay, I have a comfortable blanket that smells like home. As well as something that helps when my body can’t control its’ temperature and I can’t handle my normal donna or even just to wrap myself in a cocoon to feel safe."

Natalie. WA. Blanket 223.

Natalie said this about her blanket:

“My Warrior Blanket is amazing. Having chronic illnesses can make someone feel alone, but having this blanket to cuddle up to can make them feel so much more comfortable. The fleece is so soft and warm, I don’t sleep without mine. The little hedgehogs are damn cute too. Jess does a truly incredible job.​"

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